A one-day event about what’s next for marketers, advertisers, brands & communicators. Connect, share and be inspired.


Is mm12 for me?

When the quarterback completes a pass into a small window, it’s called “threading the needle.” And it takes a very skillful player to do this. As a marketer, you’re asked to navigate the digital playground with the precision of a skilled master, regardless of what’s trying to block you from your receiver. So how do you get the ideas, tools and connections you need to thread the needle?

meshmarketing 12 (#mm12) is aone-day event that is truly an Ideas to Action conference with a blend of thought provoking speakers, “show and tell” presentations, and engaging conversations. Talks or mm12 threads offer:

  • solutions to turn prospects into buyers with mobile;
  • strategies to drive your marketing activities using content;
  • ideas to get your brand discovered;
  • and much more.

Interact with digital marketing thought leaders. Connect with peers and prospects. Get a deeper and better understanding of the impact that new trends, services and approaches are having on your strategy, business and job. Together, we’ll discuss best practices about topics such as search, data, mobile, location and social media.

You’ll figure out how to get your message through the competitive noise and distractions flying from every direction at your consumer. meshmarketing is where you get ahead.

Who Should Attend and Why
Marketers, digital and advertising agencies, PR practitioners, communication professionals and anyone passionate about marketing, digital and the Web…

What’s the difference between mesh and meshmarketing
At mesh, we bring together four groups (entrepreneurs, marketers, media and citizens) to talk about what’s next online for business, marketing, media and society. It’s a thinking person’s conference that features challenging, insightful, engaging and provocative speakers and content. We want people to come away with new ideas, inspiration and tons of food for thought. What makes mesh different from other conferences is the audience is so varied. Marketing is one aspect of mesh. Our goal is to have you walk away from mesh having connected with like and un-like minds so you can take ideas back to where you work and play. You would join us at mesh to stretch your brain and challenge your thinking.

meshmarketing focuses on the conversations marketers, brands and communicators are having. If mesh is a pool of ideas to splash around in, meshmarketing is the deep dive. We aim to give you opportunities to connect, share and be inspired. This time, your sharing space with colleagues, clients, prospects and talent who if you don’t know now, you should. Ultimately, you’ll come to meshmarketing to get a better handle on how to leverage and capitalize on the power of the Web to build your brand and drive sales.

Inspired. Informative. Thought-provoking.
Great Networking Opportunities. Shared insights.

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